How to Use a String Trimmer in 2014

Gardening is a state of art for most of the gardening enthusiasts. It is important to keep the garden in shape. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to trim a certain part of a tree or garden with the land mower. In this case, the string trimmer comes as an aid to the gardeners. It can simply cut the unwanted grass with perfect ease in order to give a beautiful look to the garden.  It is better to choose a string trimmer according to your need. The area of the yard can be a determining factor for purchasing a weed wacker. Corded trimmer can be used in the small garden. However the gardener can go for gasoline powered trimmer for larger landscape. Both the mobility and power of the string trimmer can be improved with the gasoline powered trimmer.


Preparing string trimmer for use

In order to use a string trimmer you have to get acquainted with the safety measures and control mode of the string trimmer. Attachments and guards of the string trimmer should be secured at first. Inspect the area of the string trimmer in order to avoid entanglement with the trimmer head. It is better to ensure that there are no animals or people in the line of the string trimmer.

Protective gear will ensure safety of the gardener. Therefore it is important to wear protective gloves, guarded shoe, hearing and eye protection gear as well as long pants at the time of trimming in the garden with the string trimmer. This way, you will be safe from debris or fragments of trimmed trees and plants. Dust musk can be worn as well in order to stay away from environmental pollution during gardening.

A corded string trimmer comes with an extended cord. It is better to use a gasoline powered string trimmer that is less than a month old. Oxidization and damages in the fuel system can be avoided this way. A fuel stabilizer can be used as well to prevent the engine from any corrosion. This way, the fuel stays fresh for a long time. Therefore it has a long lasting effect. The tip of the string trimmer should be used to cut the tall grasses from the garden. Heavy cuts can be made effectively to make the garden aesthetically more beautiful.

You should not use the string trimmer to its optimum power as it can damage the engine of the trimmer. Decorative plants, sprinklers and wood fences can be damaged in this way as well. It should be ran on low power mode close to any obstacles to avoid any potential damage.

With time, the trim line wears off. Therefore it is better to always have an extra trim line in hand in order to avoid problems. Removing of the spool line can be done simply by winding up the new line. It is also possible to find pre-wound spool in the market to replace it with the older ones.

How to take care of the string trimmer

In order to have a long lasting string trimmer you need to take care of the trimmer properly. After completing the trimming in the garden you can clean the trimmer with a brush. Dirt and mud can be cleaned this way. You should not use any chemical or water in the string trimmer as it can damage the machine. The string trimmer should be kept cool environment for some time before storing it in the garage.

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